Up Your Alley

This was a tough weekend for me. On Friday night I ended up getting myself into a slump that was hard to get out of.  It took a lot of effort on Saturday to get the motivation to head out to the Mr. S party before having to deal with RMSF duties at Powerhouse later that evening. But somehow, I got out of the funk on Sunday and was able to get a lot of great pictures from Up Your Alley.

After getting sunburnt, getting a good dinner on Sunday, and processing the photos – I started to feel much better. This one image sums up all of the good things about this weekend. Seeing people enjoying themselves, their lovers, their daddies, their sirs, their puppies, their slaves, their… well you get the gist now. I have placed up all of the photos I took from UYA at here and they are very NSFW.

2016 – Up Your Alley Street Fair Photos