New Project – Guys in Gear Drinking Coffee

As I think about 2017 I have made a few decisions. One of them is I am not going to travel as much for these fetish weekends around. They take up a lot of vacation time and I really feel like I may have over did it over the last year. However, I don’t want to stop meeting people. Often I find the time before and after the event to be more socially rewarding to me than the actual event.

I just wanted to be latex clad this morning

One of the projects I have been kicking around is Guys in Gear Drinking Coffee. I am going to start it in 2017. A lot of my travel over the next year is going to be focused on my photography and trying to get reconnected to nature again. But this should not stop me from meeting like minded guys who are into gear.

The goal of this project is to get pictures of guys decked out in full gear enjoying themselves over coffee/tea/etc in public. The location doesn’t have to be a cafe – out at the beach, in nature, or even a more industrial setting is fine. Once I have travel plans confirmed, I will post them up. For now, I am going to start locally in the Bay Area.

Over the next week, I am going to create a page that has full details on this. My goal is not to make money, but rather travel and enjoy the company of gear heads.

My contact info is all up on the contact page (click here).

Watching over the neighborhood on a rainy day