Folsom 2016 Recovery

I did not have a good weekend – and mine wasn’t due to how people were acting or anything social. I had some medication changes over the last month. One of the side effects has been that my body has become less gradual on reactions.

Before this weekend, the only one I have noticed is that I can’t handle alcohol anymore. I go from sober to drunk in no time flat. On Saturday, this happened for the third time in the month, and I spent pretty much from 5pm till Sunday morning trying to get normal.  For the most part, I was more or less feeling normal on Sunday morning for setup.

But it looks like there is a new reaction as well – I can’t handle the heat anymore.

Despite drinking lots of water Saturday and Sunday morning – the heat still took me out on Folsom Sunday. At the event I was counting how much water and Gatorade I was drinking. When I went out to my car the first time to just sit down in AC, I was up to 5L of water consumed and few bottles of Gatorade – on top of everything else I had before going to the Folsom Street Fair. I was keeping about 1L/Hour of fluid intake yesterday. But on the way to my car, I nearly passed out. After sitting for 45 minutes with the AC on max, I felt better and went back – I was so glad that I drove down and got a parking space on 10th and Howard right by the gate.

Real quick, I started going downhill again and had to leave at 5 before I could help for breakdown.

Now it’s 11am the Monday after and I am now only feeling more or less normal again. It’s already 75 degrees in my office, and 80 up in the living room. I am going to try and stay cool and take care of all of the photos that are in my backlog on my recovery day off from work.

The corner of Folsom and Dore - where the RMSF Booth located this year.
The corner of Folsom and Dore – where the RMSF Booth located this year.

2016.09.19 – It’s going to be a long week

It is going to be a long week for me. I am going to JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld this week. Luckily it is just a short ride on the 38r away from my apartment. But it doesn’t make things any better when this conference collides with SF Leather week. Somehow I will be able to juggle this all.

I’ll be getting the photos up from LeatherWalk over the next few days. I might do them in stages since I have the first part of it done. Also keep an eye out for the Rubbdown promo photos I took – they are very hot.

Watching the sunrise over Lone Mountain while drinking coffee.
Watching the sunrise over Lone Mountain while drinking coffee.

LeatherWalk 2016

It can’t be the start of SF Leather Week without Grace Towers doing a performance before the start of LeatherWalk.

In other news – I have way to many photos to sort and process from this weekend… About 750 from Leather Walk today and over 900 from a shoot for Rubbdown yesterday. I am going to have a busy week.

I need to stop listening to the “News”

Every day, there is yet another ‘news’ flash about the US election that makes me want to just disconnect. It seems like we have are executing MAD for politics. After this election, I wonder how things will reorganize, since I don’t think the contry or world can let it continue.

A news flash comes in…

If we can call this news.

Something outrageous spoken…

Words to incite emotion.

The media gobbles it up…

And we consume the excrement

Will we get sick?

Only when the man on TV says so.

But I am sick now.

Can we end it now?



One of my Facebook Friends posted about the Balkanization of kink. In a way, I think this is happening. I don’t want to talk about the aspects of it, but rather a short thought about it:

We sort. We filter. Everything is binned.

All tidy. All organized. Everything in order.

Each category isolated and siloed away.

How do we know what else exists outside of our silo?

If someone outside screams, that is not in my bin.

Others try to peer in and the walls keep them away.

If we hide amongst our own, how will we survive?