2017.04.15 – Nightmares

I haven’t been posting much lately – there has been a lot going on in my life and things have beenĀ a bit crazy for me. Things are starting to calm down for me personally, they get more insane globally. Last night my mind wandered while eating sushi and paralyzed me for the evening.

As some of you may know, I bought a motorcycle. I have been commuting on it when possible and I am finding that has been a very positive mental benefits to me. If I take 280 home – I possibly ride on one of the most scenic freeways in the US. Shortly after I merge on the road from Cupertino, I am quickly in the hills and surrounded by the cows and horses in Palo Alto, descending on Crystal Springs Reservoir, and passing over the San Andres fault. But instead of taking the freeway all of the way up to the city, I have been getting off at Highway 35 just after Millbrae ave and taking Great Highway. It might be a bit longer – but it’s way less stressful than lane splitting past the Daly City traffic.

By taking Highway 35, I get to see a view of SF that just mind blowing. After you pass the Highway 1 intersection, there is a view of the skyline from SFO all of the way over to the beach. And something about my ride home last night with the slowly changing colors, the tobacco tint of the blue mirrored visor, the wind going through my beard, and the scent of the clean ocean air just put me in a great mood. I felt like somehow despite all of the issues I see and face, I made the right decisions with my life. I wish I had a GoPro since I would love to have shown an image of what I saw.

But take this peaceful scene – but imagine you heard a missile fly over head and watch this perfect scene go up in a mushroom cloud. This is where this nightmare starts, downtown SF get bombed by the North Koreans. After seeing the initial flash, everyone slams on the brakes. I put the bike on the kickstand, and just stare at the skyline in shock. Look around, and realize that even though we were not hit directly by the blast, that we all have been exposed to the fallout and don’t know how long we all have.

If something like this came to me a year ago, I would laugh it off. But with the recent escalation from 45 – it seems like this could occur. After getting sleep – I am doing better this morning. It just reiterates that I need to live my life for what I want since we don’t know how long we have left on this planet.