2018.12.30 – 5k Again!

Found a new use for the Hue lights – selfie accents!

Over the last month, it has been a battle to get my body back to running a daily 5k run again.

The biggest impact to me was getting hit with a bad cold followed by the Camp Fire in November. When everything finally cleared up, just around the start of December, my body was still feeling the effects of all of the smoke that was in the air. And today, I finally ran a 5k run without having to slow down for any significant time and hope to repeat it tomorrow morning.

With it being cold and dark early in the morning it has been real hard to get motivated. Yes I know it is not _that_ cold in SF – but it has been been 6c outside the last few mornings. The lack of daylight has been affecting my mood severely this year compared to the last few.

The cold windy weather didn’t help my ad-hoc travel plans either. I took Monday off thinking maybe I could go to SoCal. Hotels were just too expensive to stay somewhere for NYE and on top of that it was going to be nearly as cold in LA or SD. I am feeling kinda in a rut not having taken a weekend road trip somewhere in a bit.

It is extremely easy to fall off a healthy habit not not pick it back up. The advice I really want to give others is don’t discourage someone from doing a healthy activity. Telling someone that they can procrastinate just makes it harder to get back in the habit and it is really easy this time of year when there are natural demotivating factors.

All I can do is tell myself “Keep your chin up, doggo!”

At the very least keep it up for the selfies.