2017.01.20 – Why I am not paying attention…

I am just not paying attention to the Trump inauguration today. Seriously, it is not worth having this take space in my head. And I really recommend others do the same. The legitimate media will consume and process anything real that is said today, but I expect very little to be said during any of the speeches today.

We should all go on with life. This is what I am doing. I am focused on doing things that make me happy – and this might be because I burnt myself out a little dealing with the community over the past year. But there will be no way to win if we all act triggered and traumatized by the results of the election.

Watching the sunrise yesterday with coffee

Stress can also lead to you making good choices. I am dealing with some stressful news at the office. Normally when I work from home I try to run before I start my day, and typically a short run for me is now 5k. Well yesterday, it was 5 miles. I needed to burn off the stress and get my head re-aligned. Redirect this stress into something productive – if you really feel protesting is productive, than go for it. Just don’t let it ruin your life and health.

But here are the selfies I failed to post up yesterday.