2017.01.18 – Morning Thoughts

Lounging around last night trying to find my motivation.

Yesterday was a rough day at the the office. Can’t really talk about the events that took place, it was a rough afternoon and evening. I am glad that I have many things going on in my personal life to keep me motivated, otherwise I think I would be ending up in a slump.

And today’s wet weather isn’t helping me much either. This morning looks like the calm before the first storm and my evening commute looks wet and windy. i debated about driving in, but the thought of being stuck in traffic in my car just made my soul shiver. I decided to just take it slowly, or at least what I define as slow, and not let anything get to me today.

On top of that it looks like another storm is going to hit over the weekend causing me to take the MSF class in the rain. This might actually be a good thing since learning to handle a motorcycle in the wet weather is something that I would have to learn anyways. Going to have an interesting time.

In more interesting news – I have now posted up my 1000th photo to Instagram, which was an ass selfie. I have been doing those a bit more since I have been cycling. I don’t like wearing my printed leggings on the bike because getting chain grease and road grit out of clothing can ruin them.