Pen and Paper

What I am finding out is that my thoughts flow very differently when writing with a pen on paper. So much so, that I have decided to keep a paper diary (and lead to a conversation about pens). When I feel like I want to post something, I can transcribe and edit it then.

But I arrived here by a little $3 purchase, something so insignificant and innocent that it is hard to believe. A few years ago I bought a cheap disposable fountain pen. This was done in an effort to write cleaner and put less stress on my hands. It worked. My handwriting became cleaner, and I can write longer. But what I found is that I enjoy writing on paper again. To me, there is something meditative about this process.

With some life events that have popped up, I am starting to re-evaluate parts of my life again. One of the things I need to do is reflect more about day-to-day events that happen. Writing things down on paper seems to be a good first start on this journey.

One of the life changes was as simple as a pen. This change will stay with me. There is something so ironic about the high tech person here eschewing electrons for a primitive instrument. In the end for me it is about balance, and we all go through swings in life.

Maybe I over did this last swing. While I have become very involved in the SF leather community, and have traveled to many leather and fetish events over the past few years, I feel like I am fairly out of alignment.

It will take time, but I will figure out which path to go down next.