Just been too busy

I’ve been too busy lately – looking at what is on my plate I still haven’t gone through all of the Leatherwalk photos or my Folsom photos. Most of this is a combination medical issues that have now been resolved and work. Hopefully I will get done with this backlog of stuff in a few days.

LeatherWalk 2016

It can’t be the start of SF Leather Week without Grace Towers doing a performance before the start of LeatherWalk.

In other news – I have way to many photos to sort and process from this weekend… About 750 from Leather Walk today and over 900 from a shoot for Rubbdown yesterday. I am going to have a busy week.

SV Pride 2016 Pictures


The photos for Silicon Valley Pride 2016 are up now.

In a way it was a nice little quaint pride parade. Compared to SF Pride, this was a complete swing in the other direction. The march was about 3 long blocks long, with a nice laid back festival. In the future, whenever I hear people in SF bitch about how corporate Pride has become, I will point them to SV Pride along with Oakland Pride as their alternatives.

But for now, I need to head into the office for a chaotic week.