2017.03.28 – Nothing lasts forever

15 years for a compression shirt is a good run.

On Monday at the gym I noticed that the shirt I packed looked like it wasn’t washed right. But upon closer look, the Lycra on it is starting to disintegrate. In the end I shouldn’t feel bad for getting 15 years out of a shirt.

While this shirt is not the start of my spandex fetish but it does mark a one of the transformations in my life. I bought this shirt after doing a tough arm, chest, and back workout and I was really sore the next day. I already knew from cycling that a bit of compression made my legs feel good, so why not try these new fanged compression shirts that started appearing everywhere at the time in 2001 or 2002. This was the around the first time in my life that I dropped a lot of weight.

In the end, this shirt got often used for lifting, recovery, and to add a bit of a minor base layer on cool days. I have been scraped up and cut while wearing it, yet somehow it never tore the shirt. They really don’t make them as they used to. The only hole in this shirt after 15 years is from when I had a stripped bolt head and I needed something to make the hex key a fit while on the side of the road.

I have yet to have any other Under Armour gear hold up as well – there was something about the real early stuff they sold that just lasted forever.

But I am not content with just throwing it away – given how much literal sweat and blood this shirt has absorbed in that time. While fidgeting with it, I noticed it could make a good gag. I tried it out, and it sure did. Not it will get nicely tied up so that it is ready to use and hang it next to the rope in the bedroom.

Finding a some new uses for the old compression shirt.

Just been too busy

I’ve been too busy lately – looking at what is on my plate I still haven’t gone through all of the Leatherwalk photos or my Folsom photos. Most of this is a combination medical issues that have now been resolved and work. Hopefully I will get done with this backlog of stuff in a few days.

LeatherWalk 2016

It can’t be the start of SF Leather Week without Grace Towers doing a performance before the start of LeatherWalk.

In other news – I have way to many photos to sort and process from this weekend… About 750 from Leather Walk today and over 900 from a shoot for Rubbdown yesterday. I am going to have a busy week.

SV Pride 2016 Pictures


The photos for Silicon Valley Pride 2016 are up now.

In a way it was a nice little quaint pride parade. Compared to SF Pride, this was a complete swing in the other direction. The march was about 3 long blocks long, with a nice laid back festival. In the future, whenever I hear people in SF bitch about how corporate Pride has become, I will point them to SV Pride along with Oakland Pride as their alternatives.

But for now, I need to head into the office for a chaotic week.